5 lipiec 2018


The workshop ”Smart well-being and future synergies of European funds” will be focused on how to develop stronger links and synergies between EU funds and regional research activities when making use of digital tools in promoting health and improving aged persons’ quality of life. During the workshop Partners will tackle the following issues, in particular:

  • prioritizing R&I in EU and national budgets,
  • creating future markets for innovation, in particular promotion and investment in innovative ideas with rapid scale-up potential,
  • modernizing education, investing in people who will implement the changes,
  • increasing the mission-oriented approach to innovation,
  • building up synergies and complementarities of different regional and European funds in partnership with private sector and NGO’s.

The European population is ageing rapidly, making it one of the crucial demographic processes. Yet living longer does not necessarily mean living a healthier, more active and independent life. The number of Europeans aged over 65 will double in the next 50 years, and the number of over 80-year-olds will almost triple. Life expectancy will continue to increase, yet unhealthy life years make up around 20% of a person’s life. Parallel, the need for assistance among elder people increases. Hence the system of complex support and assistance for seniors will be indispensable for assuring the sustainable development of the European society. Active and healthy ageing is a societal challenge shared by all European countries. However it can be turned into an opportunity for Europe to establish itself as a global leader that is capable of providing innovative solutions. Digital tools can support older individuals in being and staying actively involved in professional life for longer periode by designing fit-for-purpose working environments and enabling flexible management of job, leisure and health-related activities considering their needs at the workplace, at home and on the move, with a particular focus on social inclusion, health needs and job retention. The regions involved in this workshop will share successful cases about investing and implementing innovations for active and healthy ageing. The presentations will be illustrated with the activity of the regions concerned in EIT Health and the EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing.